USSA Esports Challenge Press Release

University Sport South Africa supported by the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture (DSAC) Launches a University Esports Challenge 

This will be a dedicated programme for university esports development and structure 

South Africa, 24 May 2021 – The University Esports Challenge will be for the benefit of all USSA member institution and will run for a period of four months from July to October 2021.  

ACGL Uni Launched

Today we are thrilled to lift the lid on one of a number of projects we have been working on to assist in building a local esports ecosystem.

Our ACGL Uni platform is now live and offers South African Universities a space to operate tournaments, as well as compete in inter-varsity activities thanks to a partnership with University Sport South Africa (USSA).

ACGL Verified universities will be able to host internal tournaments for a wide variety of titles with an Elo ranking system for players. Both ACGL and USSA will host a number of inter-varsity challenges.