USSA Esports Challenge | August Results

August saw the second series of action in the USSA Esports Challenge. After a weekend of action, the top players and universtities for FIFA 21 and Clash Royale were:


You can find the individual standings in the FIFA 21 playoffs here.

USSA Esports Challenge Press Release

University Sport South Africa supported by the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture (DSAC) Launches a University Esports Challenge 

This will be a dedicated programme for university esports development and structure 

South Africa, 24 May 2021 – The University Esports Challenge will be for the benefit of all USSA member institution and will run for a period of four months from July to October 2021.  

ACGL Uni Launched

Today we are thrilled to lift the lid on one of a number of projects we have been working on to assist in building a local esports ecosystem.

Our ACGL Uni platform is now live and offers South African Universities a space to operate tournaments, as well as compete in inter-varsity activities thanks to a partnership with University Sport South Africa (USSA).

ACGL Verified universities will be able to host internal tournaments for a wide variety of titles with an Elo ranking system for players. Both ACGL and USSA will host a number of inter-varsity challenges.